About Us

About Us

In the Beginning

What is Skynex Drones?

Skynex Global Drones, o/a "Skynex Drones", is the world's premier supplier of drones, drone technologies, drone parts, and drone accessories. It is a federally incorporated Canadian corporation having its registered head office in the city Toronto, in the province of Ontario. The business and activities of Skynex are focused exclusively on the purchase and sale/import-export of drones, drone technology, drone parts, and drone accessories. Skynex Drones thrives to serve the drone needs of customers, big and small. 

Company Conception

Skynex Global Drones, Ltd. (o/a Skynex Drones™) was founded and established in 2016 by a team of highly motivated, visionary, optimistic, and entrepreneurial spirits. The idea of creating a store that focused exclusively on selling drones, drone parts, and drone related accessories came about as the founders of Skynex Drones were in the process of developing a larger online "e-tail" store. As they were looking to add new and innovative product categories and products to their store, they inevitably stumbled upon drones. Their curiosity and interest in drones grew exponentially as they began researching and learning more about drones and the drone industry. As the founders began writing product descriptions, features, and technical specifications for various types of drone brands and drone models, they started developing in-depth knowledge about the drone industry. Their passion and interest in full bloom, the founders eventually "jumped ship" from their first project to develop a general "e-tail" store onto a new venture that would focus exclusively on drones as a consumer product, hobby, and sport.

Growth + Expansion: From B2C to B2B

Skynex Drones initially began growing its e-commerce store around drones as a consumer hobby. Soon, Skynex began attracting the interest of commercial and industrial organizations, big and small. Combined with the evolution, increasing accessibility, and diversification of drones as a technology available to consumers and commercial and industrial businesses, Skynex Drones began expanding the scope of its operations to integrate drones and drone technologies geared towards responding to the commercial and industrial needs of businesses and organizations. With the rapidly increasing number of drone technologies, drone parts, drone models, drone brands, drone accessories, etc., the aim and goal of Skynex Drones has been to help, guide, and assist customers in the consumer, commercial, and industrial sectors navigate the various drone technologies available to them, and to help them identify and purchase drones that respond to their needs and expectations.

Company Values

Skynex Drones thrives to provide its customers with the widest and most diverse selection of drones, drone technologies, drone parts, and drone accessories. Our store-wide "price matching" policy ensures guaranteed best prices. Our specialized knowledge and expertise of the drone industry allows us to serve businesses (both big and small) and consumers alike. We thrive to provide all customers with high-quality, professional, and personalized customer service. 

Store-wide Price Matching

Skynex Drones offers "price matching" on all its drones, drone accessories, and drone parts. Our aim and objective is to provide our customers with guaranteed best prices on all items offered through Skynex Drones. Where and when possible, we go above and beyond to not only match our competitors' pricing but also to beat our competitors' prices. 

Free Worldwide Shipping

As a further effort to go above and beyond what is offered by our customers, Skynex Drones also offers free worldwide shipping on all drone orders. 

Specialized Customer Service for Unbiased Drone Solutions

Most if not all companies fall in one of two categories: (a) general stores that sell a wide range of different products (jewelry, electronics, clothing), which include drones and drone products; (b) drone companies that focus on the development and sale of a single brand of drones or drone related products. Where Skynex Drones distinguishes itself from these companies is that we do not represent a single brand of drone, and our knowledge and expertise specializes exclusively on drones, i.e. we don't sell any other products (like jewelry, clothing, etc.). Because our knowledge and expertise extends to the drone industry as a whole, we are able to offer the best and most objective drone solutions that better respond to our customers' needs and expectations.

Specialized Customer Support

Should you experience any problems with your drone or drone related part or accessory, have encountered any issues during the ordering or delivery process, we invite you to contact our Consumer Support Centre to discuss any questions, concerns, or issues you may have. 


Follow Your Passion

Skynex Drones is always seeking passionate people interested in becoming a part of growing Skynex Drones. Skynex Drones is currently looking to recruit a business development manager, sales associate, data entry manager, and product sourcing agent. Contact us through our website to learn more about these openings and opportunities.